Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Go Go Frozen Snow.

Hill & Valley / Origin mountain bike team member "Frozen Snow Mocha" Mick Arms made it to the finish of the Strathpuffer 24 this weekend, completing 15 laps of the 11 mile course in the highlands of Scotland. Magnificent Mick was eighth solo rider and a highly credible fifth amongst the amateurs.

Congratulations, Mick, on a magnificent achievement and well done to Mike Spence for the lonely vigil of support up in the wilds north of Inverness!

More details to follow with some photos.


Wholesale and Bulk Orders now suspended

It is our last day of roasting today until February 13th.

Accordingly we can no longer accept any new wholesale / bulk orders and have suspended this part of the catalogue.

Roasted beans in 250g bags are still available until 8 am Thursday January 19th.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Reminder of online store suspension 19th Jan

Less than 3 days to go now before our online store closes for over 3 weeks.
We realise that many of you do buy fornightly or monthly, but for those who buy weekly, our advice would be simply to buy a larger quantity and put the excess in the freezer immediately on receipt. As long as the valve bags remain sealed, it is unlikely that you will notice a truly significance deterioration in flavour this way.
Our last shipments will be made on Thursday 19th Jan and all orders received until 8 am on that day will be fulfilled in full. There may be some substitutions on orders received after 9 am on Wednesday 18th, but we hope to keep this to a minimum.
At that point ordering will be suspended until we return on Sunday 12th Feb (Qantas time!).
We will start roasting again on Monday 13th February.

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