Tuesday, December 12, 2006


End of year deliveries and February annual break

Once again we will be continuing to roast and ship orders right through until the 23rd December, but will reduce stock availability in the online store after that as we will not roast again until January 2nd.

Please do keep in mind the normal last posting dates published by Royal Mail if you want your coffee before the holidays and do leave us at least 2 working days to get your coffee roasted and packed before these.

Certain coffees may run out just before the holidays - notably Brazil Bourbon and Guatemala "El Bosque" but we have a nice El Salvador coffee (Finca El Borbollon) waiting in the wings that we are already shipping against some JSMC Medium orders. We expect to be able to keep all 3 espresso blends going right over the end year period so no real need to panic or drink stale coffee! We strongly recommend you put some Ethiopia Yirgacheffe into yours (or someone you love's) xmas stocking this year.

We are going to once again take our only annual break in February and will be closed from around February 10th until March 1st - just under 3 weeks. A warning concerning this will be posted on the front page of the website from mid January and further details will be published here in the new year.

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