Sunday, March 04, 2007


Production update - some further delays.

We got back late on the 28th February from our two week vacation in Costa Rica and have begun to deal with your orders, some of which have been shipped this weekend.

Unfortunately we have also had to deal with two close family breavements which occurred while we were away and have tow separte funerals to attend in Lincolnshire two days apart.

This in turn has meant there will be afew days further delay on some orders and we are sorry for this.

We have also just run out of Celebes Kalosi for the next few weeks.

On a positive note we are once again adding some Costa Rican coffees to our range for the remainder of the year - new crop coffees from the slopes of the Poas volcano and the West Valley region from April, but the ever popular Coopronaranjo Peaberries will once again be in our range in about 10 days time.

Further coffee-related news on our Costa Rica trip will be coming soon.

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