Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Java now out of Stock

As we flagged before our break, we have now run out of the Java Kayumas that we have stocked continually for the last year or so and have removed it from the online store.

We have retained a small stock to allow us to continue roasting e.caffe for another week or so, but this espresso blend will also be suspended when the Java runs out. However it is a busy week roasting this week (inevitably) so if you are keen on some last bags of e.caffe, please do order before the weekend.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Online ordering restored at

Hello everyone!

We are back from sunny down under to gloomy rainy UK and WE feel deprived of our Hill & Valley Coffee as well! Thanks for your patience during the past 3 weeks when we have been away.

So we have re-instated online ordering on the site at and will begin roasting tomorrow. Any / all orders are welcome!

Thoughts of the coffee scene in Australia to follow once we've re-adjusted...

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