Monday, June 26, 2006


Hill & Valley Coffee at Mountain Mayhem

Here are some photos of our foray to the UK's top Mountain Bike 24 hour endurance event.

Panoramics of the site at Eastnor Castle in the Malvern Hills.

Some views of our small espresso bar trailer and the surroundings at our pitch on the start line. Lisa and Alison were the "barista-babes" in action (and taking a well-earned break) throughout the day on saturday and sunday.

Here are some shots of our team. It was a mixed weekend for us with our first entry into the Elite category going quite spectacularly pear-shaped as 2 of the 4 riders failed to complete. It was left to the four heroes in the Sport category to restore some pride ( 3 of whom are pictured in various states of glory towards the end of the race - obviously no-one had told Graeme that there is no need to pose for a sound interview!)

And, last but definitely not least. The main man!

Sincere thanks, Pat, for letting us spread the joy of espresso at your event!

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