Tuesday, April 04, 2006


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The continual process of re-newing the coffees we stock is particularly frenetic at this time of year. New crops from most asian coffee producers are now in full sway and we have taken full advantage of this as will be seen below. We will once again have three coffees from three islands in Indonesia.

In East Africa, the main crop in Kenya is in and is drought ravaged! The best lots are the subject of great competition in the auction and it will be a fight to get the quality we need at the prices you will accept. We've made a tentative first purchase and will watch developments.

In Colombia main crop coffees are now at their peak - it's the time to drink it! In central america we await new crop arrivals before buying anything new, and this time we are hoping to again have some fine coffee from Guatemala to offer.

So the following will be the effects on our catalaogue over the next 2 weeks.

Stocks of Celebes Kalosi have run dry and we have removed it from the store. It will re-appear after easter - totally new coffee, new crop, new shipper. we hold out great hopes of an improvement in the somewhat patchy quality of the last few months. A really good Kalosi remains a total classic coffee drinking experience.

Ethiopia Harrar has now run out, gone, none left. We had a long run with this coffee and it is very much an acquired taste. Highly evocative to anyone with the imagination to visualise groups of tribesman huddled around a fire with the sun setting over the plateau and the chill descending in the Abyssinian highlands. Coffee roasts in the traditional pan on the open fire and the men chew their chat patiently, while pulling their robes around them to keep out the cold. It's time will come again for us, but I'm wary of turning the exceptional into the mundane. Hope you all understand why.

The return of Java is upon us. New crop Kayumas Estate is due the day after easter at our roastery and we'll re-launch e.caffe, Mocha Java and Three Islands Blend the next day!

Three recent introductions will remain for a month or so, two because of their exceptional quality and one because it became a quick classic. So FDE Espresso, PNG Kimel Peaberries and the fantastic Sumatra Lintong have been re-ordered / maintained. This Sumatra in particular is the best I have tasted anywhere for about 15 years.

Then that leaves Kenya.....
We've decided on a small purchase of Gethumbwini new crop AA and will offer it after easter as well. There will have to be a price rise, but I think Kenya fans will find it worth the expense.

Happy drinking.

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