Thursday, June 08, 2006


Coffees in and Out

Another update for online customers at on changes in our online catalogue.

We will not have any Colombia relationship coffee for another month or so now. This gives us a few blending challenges, but two new coffees should help me to solve the riddle.

We'll be receiving deliveries next week of our first 2006 Central American coffees an estate Guatemala Huehuetenango (the first huehue we have stocked for about 3 years) and peaberries from the West Valley Naranjo co-operative in Costa Rica. We have stocked their peaberries before and after visiting the co-op in 2004 were pleased to carry their excellent certified El Roble for two years. We are pretty confident that you will adore these coffees and appreciate the vivacity they will bring into some of our espressos and Mountain Blend.

I must confess to being a little undecided as to whether to persist with the Kenya Gethumbwini this season. The drought has certainly had an effect, particularly on the bean size. We still have some limited stocks but then will give this a break for a few weeks until we see some more arrivals. Kenya addicts should order before mid June to be sure of getting any.

We have used the PNG Kimel Peaberries for around 4 months and have not replaced them this time, principally because the Coopronaranjo coffee fills the "peas" berth. This coffee will probably also run out by the third week of June and we will then be also obliged to withdraw FDE Espresso from the catalogue. Yes we know it was very popular, but we can't carry 4 espresso blends all the time!

We think the 3 Indonesian arabicas we have at the moment are probably the best ever selection we have had at any one time. Please do try the Java Kayumas, Celebes Kalosi and Sumatra Lintong - varying degrees of dark roast and each with their own extraordinary virtues. We'll start to reduce the choice in this area from mid July onwards.

Lastly - and to the chagrin of some customers I am sure - we have decided again to not stock any decaf for the next few weeks. The Colombian CO2 was not available to us and we felt other alternatives were not suitable.

Charlie, any news on a good Indian robusta? I quite like adding around 10% to my espresso blends.
Anoher question: The Yirga I got last year was (and still is) exceptional. Do you still have the same stock and if not, is the new one as good?
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