Wednesday, August 23, 2006


New Postal Charges - buy 3 packs at a time!

As most of you will have heard, Royal Mail have quite radically changed the way they charge for first class letters and packets this week.

The effect on our own postal costs has been relatively insignificant. Unfortunately a bag of Hill & Valley beans will not fit through the guide window (although we know it often goes through your letterboxes!) and we are therefore unable to benefit from the dimension discount by calling a pack of coffee "a letter".

The most significant change comes in the charge we are obliged to pass on for orders of 1-3 packs.

Amazingly we have actually been able to reduce post & packing charges on the two most popular order sizes!

- a single pack order becomes relatively much more expensive at £1.80;
- a two pack order has the reduced charge of £2.50;
- a three pack order is now significantly cheaper at £3.00!

All other charges are unchanged, except for 6 packs which goes up 10p to £6.70.

The net effect of this is to mean that it is significantly cheaper in overall terms to place orders for 3 packs! It is an anomaly in the sliding scale of charges but we would expect you all to take advantage of it.

And of course Royal Mail say that they're not going to make any more money out of the new system... yeah right!
Why else would they change it?
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