Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Stock Update for August and September

Firstly apologies!

Late post - inexcusable. we've been busy, but I still intended to update this blog more often!

Anyway, moving on while I still have anyone's attention.

We've again "rotated" some of the coffees and although most of the old favourites remain, there are a few significant changes.

Kenya - on reflection and after quite a bit of tasting, I decided not to continue with the Gethumbwini Estate from this year's drought affected main crop. The coffee did not have the same sparkle I was used to, the beans were a little small and it was far too damned expensive compared to other top drawer coffees. The absolute excellence of our current Ethiopia Yirgacheffe more than makes up for this and I am sure many of you have already been wowed by this coffee over the summer.

Colombia - on the recommendation of our mates at Mercanta we have switched Colmbian relationship coffee to another co-op for a while. The new La Piramide coffee comes from the Inza area in Cauca, and in blind cupping it held it's own against recent Cup of Excellence finalists. We are glad to bring it to you at the continued basic price of £3.00 per 250g bag, and it is also giving a wonderful zest to several of our blends which feature Colombian coffee.

After the orgy of the last two seasons our offering from Central America is a little restrained at the moment, and I will stick with the Guatemala Huehuetenango El Paternal as long as stocks are available. Good chocolate notes and a subtle but crisp acidity.

Although very much a minority coffee for us, we have decided to run with a slightly different Decaf for a while. It is still a CO2 process coffee, but rather than Colombian is a Peru Organic "Guabo". We've had to lift the price a little to £3.50 a bag, but this reflects rises in processing costs as well as the premium necessary for fully organic certified coffees.

We are still basking in the luxury of offering three superb Indonesian Island coffees of a quality unmatched since we started H&V in 2000. The Java Kayumas, Double-picked Sumatra Lintong and Sulawesi Kalosi are still "fade-free" from the warehouse but nevertheless should be tried at the height of the season.

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