Monday, October 16, 2006


Hvcoffee (and Charlie) Offline and now back Online!

Apologies, all. We got sent into a bit of disarray this past two weeks and our normal online delivery service had to be suspended for while.

On October 3rd yours truly went down with a mystery viral illness that resulted in me being hospitalised for 8 days from October 5th while the NHS tried to figure out what was wrong with me and how they should treat it. As I do all the roasting at Hill & Valley Coffee (yes it is a truly personal service everyone gets!), we had to close down completely for a while.

I think in the end the hospital released me for "bad behaviour". Although they kept coming up with more tests, the medical staff got the message that having a fit and well Charlie wandering the corridors of Stoke Mandeville munching smuggled-in real food would not achieve any "clinical targets". So they kicked me out before the weekend.

Thankfully I am now completely on the mend and once we clear a few backlogged orders, normal service will be fully resumed by the middle of this week.

If any of you completely ran out of coffee, you have my sympathy. Personally I had not a single cup of coffee from October 4th to October 14th, a quite serious and totally unprecendented phase of cold turkey for me that may make you all feel a little better. That first large mug of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe on saturday morning was appreciated in like very few I've ever had. Black Gold indeed!

Thanks to all who sent good wishes. They touched us and were appreciated.

Now back to work. Fire up that oven!

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