Monday, November 26, 2007


Online Ordering Available Again

Online ordering at is once again available.

Please note that the 2 kg pouch option is in fact two separate 1 kg bags in a plastic courier pouch, NOT a single bag of 2 kilos. Taking the espresso option, at £35 inc carriage it is only slightly more expensive for those customers who were used to buying 8 x 250g bags through the post, whereas a purchase of 2 x 2kgs would represent a significant saving.

The House Espresso Blend available on the site is identical to the Bourbon Espresso that has been a stalwart of our range for the past few years. we just decided to change the range as we want to be able to use Pulped Natural Brazil coffees that are not 100% Bourbon varietals, when the opportunity arises to improve the blend.

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